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User Switches, by Iain Buclaw
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Author's description:

I found the intrinsic switches on the qfx library a bit restricting, so I decided to build my own. Came up with the idea of using an Integer value as the knob switch, a list of values connected via the crossfade function and operation maths so each new crossfade stays at 0 until a certain number is reached to change it to 1. Pros: The number of values you can switch between is limitless. Cons: Long winded to build. Prone to errors. Within the zip are User Switches-2way through to 11way. And a 5way switch using a real number to demonstrate the "blending" between two values. Hope you find this a useful tool and find a nice home to use it in.

User comments:

From Georg Fries (20-May-09 17:15) : Great, thank you. And thanks for the explanations, these surely come in handy!