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Transient Shaper, by Kim Lajoie
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Author's description:

Transient Shaper Allows you to shape the transients independantly of the tail or ambience. Length: Controls the length of the transients. Shorter lengths will make the transients more snappy, longer lengths will make them fuller. Gain: Sets the additional gain to be applied to the transients. Positive values will enhance the transients, negative values will reduce them. Sat: Applys some saturation to the transients. Used sparingly, this can subtly change the colour or texture of the transients. Extreme values are useful for special effects. Stereo: Adjusts the stereo width of the transients. Values less than 0.50 will focus on centre transients, creating a more focussed sound. Values greater than 0.50 will focus on side transients, creating a wider or more diffuse sound. Vol: Adjusts the overall volume.

User comments:

From Georg Fries (23-Jan-08 19:58) : As with many of Kim's effects it took me a while to figure out how to use them best. But all are simply superb, refreshing ideas like in the kim bundles, and here we get a very nice one for just a few changes, or for weird experiments. Great!