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TestTones 2.1, by Dietz
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Author's description:


A monophonic test-tone generator, offering sine, square, saw and triangle from about 20 to 10,000 Hz, plus a White Noise generator (the so-called "Coloured Noise" is only experimental, as true Pink Noise isn't available). The oscillator may be switched from sweeping frequency control to Tuner-mode. Octave may be switched below the Note-slider. Bypass-able Fine-Tuning is available for both modes. All signals are scaleable between -60 and 0 dBFS.

A few basic settings are provided.


Please be aware that this plugin interrupts any audio coming from up-stream.


Please copy the included "BlackNix_001.bmp" into QFX' standard \Graphics\Meters-folder, and add "TestTones2_1.pub" to the "User Effects"-folder of the same directory.


Made with db-audioware’s Quantum FX Vers. 2.03, by Dietz in Vienna / Europe, 2006; uploaded to db-audioware’s User Library http://library.db-audioware.com/ for free usage.

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