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The Fat Channel, by Kim Lajoie
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Author's description:

The Fat Channel! Enfatten your tracks! The Fat Channel is a channel strip specially tuned to make instruments sound bigger, juicier, and happier! Now with more pork! Signal flow is Gate -> HiPass -> Bass -> MidSuck -> Comp -> Treble Gate: A fast, decisive noise gate. Main control sets the threshold (turn it up until you hear it), Release set the fade out time. HiPass: A high pass filter to remove energy-sapping rumble and subbass. Use it to focus the kick and bass in the mix, or to make your vocals radio-ready. Bass: Bass booster to give your kicks or basslines more bottom, or to warm up pianos, backing vocals, or any other instrument. Main control sets the amount of bass boost, Tune sets the frequency. For best results, keep this near or above the HiPass frequency. Midsuck: Lower the mids to make your sound more hi-fi. Main control sets the amount of midsuck. MidRange sets the centre frequency, and the Q sets the width (lower values for wide suck, higher values for narrow suck). Comp: The fat compressor! Add life and punch to drums, and levels and smooths everything else! Main control boosts the sound until compression kicks in. Smooth changes the character of the compression. Compression can make your sound VERY loud! Use the Output control to tame it back down again. Treble: Treble booster/exciter. Use this to add fizz, sparkle, or lift. Main control sets the amount of extra treble, Air sets the frequency.

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