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MS Sample Delay, by Dietz
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Author's description:

M/S En- and Docoding, combined with sample-wise delay of left or right channel, and a mono-button.

In many situations it is necessary to slightly delay one side of a stereo-signal, be it for technical or aesthetical reasons. A typical example is an A/B microphone-setup, where the micro-timing between the two signals is crucial for the sound.

This "M/S-Sample Delay" is a convenient little solution for these cases: It provides an input-meter for L/R, a delay-slider with sample-resolution up to 10 ms, and a mono-button to check for phase-coherence.

"M/S Sample Delay" takes the concept even further by implementing a M/S-matrix into the signal chain. The signal can be M/S-encoded before the delay, so Left will be the Mid-component of the stereo-signal, while Right is the Side-component. After the sample-delay, the stream can be de-coded to a conventional stereo-signal, but doesn't have to be. Thus, more exotic tasks and even FX are in the scope of this *.pub,

The graphics are nothing fancy, but I hope self-explaining at least. Some basic presets are provided.

User comments:

From Matthias Adloff (02-Oct-06 18:52) : Thanks Dietz ! This frees my Orville (which has been the only device which was capable of doing this surgery effect) for some more complex FX. See you at the Nuendo-forum ! Greeting, Matthias Adloff

From Georg Fries (30-Nov-08 14:19) : Very useful!