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DeepHall, by Kim Lajoie
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Author's description:

This is a reverb effect designed specifically for a long, deep, warm hall sound. It is not designed to be a realistic room simulator - it is more of the "impressionistic" or "artistic" breed of reverbs. It has some extra tricks to make the sound extra thick and juicy, and to give it a significant "bloom" (no, really!). It's especially useful for adding body and depth to vocals and non-heavymetal guitars. It can also be used lightly on drums to add some subtle intergalactic depth to the sound.

User comments:

From Kim Lajoie (24-Feb-06 13:30) : For some reason, it didn't save me as the author! I made it! I promise! -Kim.

From Dave Brown (24-Feb-06 23:02) : Superb work, Kim. Everyone should try this one. Mully, if you're reading, we need a big celebratory GUI for this one!

From Dave Brown (24-Feb-06 23:03) : Author problem fixed, sorry for the glitch.

From Peter Leinfellner (02-Mar-06 11:00) : I'm really impressed. You can throw it on any audio material without mudding the lows in drums or have 'ssss' problems on vocals.

From Georg Fries (23-Jan-08 20:02) : indeed, impressing. And Kim is right with the "bloom":-). What fascinates me is that such a deeeeep reverb doesn't make your track drenched in reverb-soup. Sounds outstanding.