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Analog Dual Delay, by patchen preston
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Author's description:

This is an Analog and Tape modeling delay effect that is designed to be 'played' with hardware controllers, not set as a static effect. Analog Dual Delay will provide screaming regeneration effects and other sounds that are simply not possible by placing a LPF in the feedback path. I have always been a fan of analog delay and my favorite trick is to return a delay back to its own channel on a desk and to use Eq to alter the sound of regeneration through time by feeding the signal back to the input via aux send instead of using the feedback knob on the delay itself. This is basiclly what I have recreated here, an analog modeled delay with Eq in the feedback path. Dub Masters will love this one!

User comments:

From Dave Brown (29-Jan-06 23:32) : Very nice - a great performance effect. The Trig ON button is extremely useful. Loads of controls, but don't be put off, people - it's real easy to use after just a couple of minutes random tweaking.

From Peter Leinfellner (02-Feb-06 5:57) : The mother of all analog delays. Many useful features.