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Multi-Release Maximizer, by Tom Benson
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Author's description:

This is a Muti-Release Limiter/Maximizer. This will give your mix that controlled Maximizer Volume. Unlike other Maximizers, this Maximizer will give you full, dependable, repeatable control.

The audio starts with the Slow Release section then progress to the right to each of the faster release sections. This can give better control over a wider dynamic range.

The fastest section is the Maximizer. Keeping the release times short here will give you that punch and control in much of today’s music. It is best to keep the threshold levels around 2-3 db, but you can get rather wild and give it more. Short delays for Maximizing and longer delays just for a little more control.

The Meter Sync control allows you to adjust your meters to be in time (sync) with the music you hear.

User comments:

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