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Dual Band DJ Limiter, by Tom Benson
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Author's description:

Dual Frequency was chosen to give automated tonal control between the bass and high frequencies. The X-OVER control allows the user to choose the best performing crossover point for their system. If your system has the power and speakers do reproduce those low frequencies, put the X-over control towards 20Hz and you will hear and feel that extended low end.

Triple Compression was chosen to give the most natural limiting on all types of music. The front end is dual staged, and does the most work in providing that natural smooth sound. The Brick Wall stage is designed not to allow anything over 0db. You cannot overload and cause distort. Work the control without fear of distortion.

Input Gain, Release, Attack and Level controls the limiter behavior, not tonality. Bass Drive, X-over and Bass/Highs controls the tone. I provided the Active/Bypass switch allows the user to see the difference in volume level on the output meters. With the Bass Mode switch you can choose to make the bass mono or stereo. Why?? For the live DJ, you can get more power for those low frequencies in mono because all amplifiers and all bass drivers are working together to maximize the bass.

What is the Meter Sync control for??? This directx plugin may be used with many host. Each host program, including this plugin, has latency (delay). This will make the meters jump when there is no audio signal. To make the meters move in sync with the music, I added this Meter Sync control. Example: Those using the Quantum fx workbench, use 112ms, for those using MixMeister DJ program may need to use 514ms. Just adjust the control to sync the audio with the display graphic meters.

Try this, you will like it.
Tom Benson

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