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Dub Delay, by db audioware
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Author's description:

Dub Delay simulates an old tape echo machine (including the limited bandwidth and distortion of an analog feedback loop). The purpose of this is to create echos which degenerate over time into complete analog distortion and feedback. This is an effect which is designed to feedback and destroy your audio!

Dub Delay is a performance effect, meaning that you get best results by tweaking the parameters in realtime (rather than simply loading a static preset). The performance controls are the three sliders - Saturate, Low Freq and High Freq.

Saturate adjusts the amount of distortion in the feedback loop. Try increasing & decreasing it while playing a drum loop - you'll hear those characteristic overdriven echos swelling in & out.

The High Freq and Low Freq controls (together with the Cut controls) set the bandwidth of the feedback loop. You can simply set these to simulate the response of an old tape deck. But a great technique is to put the effect into full feedback by increasing the Saturate & Feedback controls, and then tweak Low & High Freq to change the bandwidth in realtime. This way, you can tune into different feedback harmonics.

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