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Mastering Toolkit, by db audioware
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Author's description:

The Mastering Toolkit is a high quality mastering effect, for perfecting your finished mixes.

At the heart of this preset is a 5 band linear-phase limiter and EQ. This lets you fine tune the overall tone and volume of the mix without adding any distortion or phase problems. (In fact, you can push this to extreme settings without any clipping whatsoever, but we don't recommend you do so!)

The harmonic exciter allows you to inject a little extra sparkle at the top end of the mix, if necessary. Finally, the stereo module lets you increase or decrease the overall width of the stereo image.

At the end of the signal chain, a brickwall limiter (using a long release time) acts as a final automatic gain control, and ensures that there are no stray peaks overshooting the level set by the Ceiling control.

Although it is possible to push this effect to extreme settings without distortion, we don't recommend you do so!. Think of this effect (and indeed, the whole mastering process) as a way to fine tune your finished music. If you need to use extreme settings to inject some life into the mix, you should consider revisiting the original mix first.

Known issues: You may see an empty DirectX plugin window when you open this effect. This is caused by the DX plugin window being too small for the new effect. The fix is simple - start the quantum-fx workbench, open the mastering-toolkit.pub file, then select File->Save. This will reset the DX window size. Note that this bug does not affect the VST plugin. (An official fix for this bug will be included in the next release of quantum-fx)

User comments:

From Dave Brown (db audioware) (18-Jan-06 21:45) : This has been superseded by Destination, the premium effect included with QFX v2.