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vintage delay, by db audioware
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Author's description:

A stereo vintage delay with a few special features!

First the basics - this is a two channel delay with independent high pass & low pass filters, feedback & pan controls for each channel. Tempo should be set to match the song, and the Delay controls set the delays (in quarter beats). Now for the fun bits.

Each delay channel also has a pitch modulation feature. At subtle settings, this simulates the 'wow' effect of a dodgy old tape delay. At more extreme settings (high Depth and low Time) the pitch is thrown all over the place.

Finally, have you ever wanted to layer a thick delay into a track, but found it swamped the original sound too much? The ducking feature solves this problem by automatically turning the effect volume down when the input signal is present, and back up during the quiet passages. This means the lush tempo synchronised delays will be heard during the quiet parts only.

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