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subOSC, by db audioware
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Author's description:

Beef up your drum tracks with low frequency oscillation. This fat sounding sub oscillator automatically tracks the beat in the audio. Load up a drum loop and try the presets, adjusting the [Amplify] control to suit your audio.

Please use with care, as this effect generates lots of bass & sub-bass frequencies! The [Protect] control is your friend, it controls the overall bass volume and saves your speakers and your ears.

tracker section - adjust these controls until the meter on the right tracks the beat of your audio.

oscillator section - you can choose the tuned frequency of the oscillator, modify the pulse width, or add some saturation for effect. The [Protect] control cuts the very low frequencies to save your speakers!

mixer section - adjust or mute the relative volume of the effect & original. LF Cut filters out low frequencies from the original, to "make space" for the sub oscillator.

While mainly intended for processing drums, you can also use this to layer a tuned sub-bass tone on any track.

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