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dyn-od, by db audioware
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Author's description:

NOTE: this effect requires quantum-fx release 1.06 or better

A unique dual band overdrive, which allows you to shape the attack & release of each band. This gives you far more control over the character of the distortion. This effect is happiest when it is destroying drum loops and monophonic bass lines.

The two distortion bands track the volume of the input signal. The louder the input, the more distortion that is added. It's like a "touch sensitive distortion". An additional advantage is that when the input signal volume drops, the distortion level backs off, so you don't get the usual amplification of background noise that happens when you turn regular distortion effects up full.

The two meters show you the amount of distortion being applied to each channel. Play with the Att (attack) and Rel (release) times to change the character of the distortion. From left to right, the controls are:

(Low/High) Band cutoff frequency
(Gain) The distortion level
(Att) The time taken for the distortion to increase when the band volume increases
(Rel) The time taken for the distortion to reduce when the band volume drops
(Vol) The overall volume of that distortion band.
(Mix) The mix of original signal to effect signal.

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