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CoolFilter, by Doug Smith
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Author's description:

A modular highpass / lowpass filter

There are two filters, a highpass and lowpass. You can run them either in parallel or serial. If serial, the lowpass comes first in the chain. The user has the option to modulate the filter cutoff with an = lfo (each filter has it's own lfo). If the lfo is turned off, the user controls the cutoff with a knob to set the frequency. If the lfo is turned on, the user sets the min and max values of the cutoff, and the = speed which the lfo modulates. The lfo is set to a sine wave. The user also sets the Q/bandwidth of each filter, and this is independant of whether or not the lfo is turned on. Following each filter is a delay = in which the user can set wet/dry level, feedback, and delay time. Uses a custom background.

User comments:

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