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TwelveTone, by Paul Nauert
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Author's description:

TwelveTone consists of twelve parallel 2-pole filters: a lowpass, a highpass, and ten bandpasses in between. A pair of knobs provides extensive control over the tuning of all bands, with additional controls for resonance and for the bandwidth of the bandpass filters.

TwelveTone is a more advanced variation on the DodecaFilter plug-in (by the same author, also for Quantum FX), adding the possibility of different band spacings compared to the fixed (but still transposable) relations in DodecaFilter.

A typical use is to impose formants on any audio signal. Try on synth leads and pads and on drum tracks.

User comments:

From Paul Nauert (18-Jan-10 20:51) : Updated 18 Jan 2010 to supply custom graphics elements, including fat sliders for better ergonomics.