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m-panner, by db audioware
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Author's description:

This effect splits the signal into 3 frequency bands, and allows each to be auto-panned at a different stereo position. For example, try the "slow swirly" preset. This pans the 3 bands 33% out of phase - the sound swirls around the stereo field but without appearing to originate from a single point. A nice effect for adding some stereo interest to a track without messing too much with the overall sound.

Left/Right let you set the width of the effect.
Xover L/H set the crossover frequencies.
Phase L/M/H set the relative position of each band.
Speed sets the autopan rate.
The buttons let you mute each band.

User comments:

From Georg Fries (11-May-08 19:18) : This was in the qfx1 library also, and has been a firm favourite of mine. Used just at a few parts in your mastered track it is just as great as used after a long night out in the pub (there must be some reason Dave named the effects "xyz.pub";-) and listening to the whole bunch of your latest songs. I can recommend stranger settings for the second scenario;-)