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DodecaFilter, by Paul Nauert
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Author's description:

DodecaFilter consists of twelve parallel 2-pole filters: a lowpass and a highpass with ten bandpasses distributed in between. The level of each filtered band can be adjusted between -45 dB and +15 dB via the faders across the bottom of the interface.

By default, the filters are tuned approximately to the values shown atop each fader (with the Low band tuned to 250 Hz and the High band to 5280 Hz). The FreqScale control multiplies all these default frequencies by a factor ranging from 0.5 to 1.5.

Controls for resonance, bandwidth, and output level are also provided.

A typical use is to impose formants on any audio signal. Try on synth leads and pads and on drum tracks.

User comments:

From Paul Nauert (18-Jan-10 20:52) : Updated 18 Jan 2010 to include custom background.