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q-tone, by db audioware
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Author's description:

q-tone is a very flexible guitar amp simulator. It can emulate a wide range of guitar amp styles, including sparkly clean chorused sounds, warm overdrive, or all-out shredding. A number of presets are provided as starting points. We have chosen NOT to clutter the GUI with mock glowing valves or vintage leatherette side panels. But the knobs glow red when you turn them up (cool!) and it sounds pretty good as well :-)

The model provides the following controls:

Gate: a noise gate, for muting any background buzz.
Preamp: the first gain stage in the model, this provides a clean boost in volume. When pushed to higher levels, this gives a nice gently overdriven sound.
Bass/Mid/Treble: a classic 3 way passive tone bank, modelled from vintage amp circuitry.
Drive: a second gain stage, providing bags of saturation on tap.
Cabinet: a choice of 4 speaker cabinet models, 1x8 (small practice amp) 1x12 (small combo) 2x12 (stage combo) 4x12 (guitar stack)
Reverb: a spring reverb simulation.
Master: the volume of the final output stage.
Chorus/Speed: a smooth sounding stereo chorus.
Echo/Time/Feedback: a classic guitar echo pedal.
Lo Shelf/Hi Shelf: final stage shelving EQs.
Parametric/Freq: final stage parametric EQ.

User comments:

From Dave Brown (26-Jan-06 12:34) : Aura (the premium guitar amp in QFX2) supersedes this older effect. We include it here for completeness.

From Georg Fries (04-Apr-06 11:19) : Already in QFX1 one of my favourites. Even after buying Aura pro (great for those brit sounds, better distortion than in major demos I tested!) I use q-tone still. Great.