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This is the place for QFX users to share new QFX effects. If you have created something really interesting using QFX, why not upload it here and share your creation with the world?

Unlike the previous database, this new version is fully automated. You don't need to wait for db audioware to review & upload your effects - you can upload your own effects in a matter of minutes. Other users can now leave you comments or suggestions. Another nice feature is the ability to add mp3 demos of your effects in action.

Logging into this effect library

Only registered QFX users may use this library. Your login name & password are the ones you use for the db audioware customer support centre (NOT your login name & password for the db audioware forums)

The most recent effects are shown first on the main page. The new icon icon indicates an effect which has been added to the database since your last visit. The icon means the effect has changed since your last visit (comments have been added, or the author has updated the plugin). 

How to download & install effects

  • Log into http://library.db-audioware.com using your db audioware support email & password.
  • Download and open the effect zip file.
  • Copy the .pub or .enc file into your QFX User Effects folder.
  • Copy the contents of the Graphics folder (in the zip file) to the global QFX Graphics folder.
  • Start the QFX workbench, open the Plugin Manager and double-click the new effect to install it.

How to upload a new effect

  • Copy your .pub file or .enc file (the QFX effect) and any custom graphics files into a zip file. Any graphics should be contained within their named folders (e.g. Graphics/Switches/MySwitch.bmp). This allows users to simply drag the entire Graphics folder from your zip file into the QFX folder.
  • Add a readme.txt file to the zip file with any additional information you want, such as contact details, usage instructions or copyright information.
  • Create a screenshot of your plugin, in jpg format. (This is optional, but a nice touch)
  • Create a small demo mp3, to show off your effect in all it's glory (Once again, this is optional)
  • Log into http://library.db-audioware.com using your db audioware support email & password.
  • Click on "Submit new effect" and fill out the form. Your effect will then be immediately available to other users.

db audioware provides this database as a free service to its customers, but is not responsible for any content uploaded to the database. Copyright of all effects remain with the original author.

We reserve the right to modify any content uploaded which we feel is unsuitable.